MiTEP EarthCaches: Midwestern National Parks 

MiTEP teachers have created over 30 high quality Michigan EarthCaches that can be used by other educators, students and the public to help translate Earth's processes into a local experience. These EarthCaches have been group into four categories based on their location: Midwestern National Parks, Southern Michigan, the Keweenaw Peninsula and the City of Houghton. Visit a MiTEP EarthCache for an exciting outdoor adventure that will teach you about how the Earth works!

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National Park EarthCaches 

EarthCaches in National Parks


The Ancient Shoreline

The Ancient Shoreline location for this EarthCache is found on the Scoville Point Lava Flow. This lava flow is one of the 100 flows that make up the Portage Lake Volcanics Formation that create the northeast end of Isle Royale. The paleoshoreline that will be the cache site is a location that correlates to the Nipissing stage of the Isle Royale shoreline, found at a higher elevation than the current shoreline. Visit the cache to find out why!

Glacial Striations on a Basalt Outcrop

Striations on a basalt outcrop mark the path of thick glaciers that advanced on Isle Royale over 10,000 years ago. Hard rocks, frozen into the bottom of these moving rivers of ice scratched out their pathways as they slowly glided over the exposed basalt surfaces.

PIRO: Trough Cross-Bedding in the Jacobsville Form

The Jacobsville Formation is the oldest exposed bedrock in Pictured National Lakeshore Park. It is easily identifiable by its bold red color mottled with white. Over the years it has been quarried in the area and used in the construction of buildings in this area. It is exposed along Lake Superior's south shore for about 150 miles and is usually just under or slightly above the water plane of Lake Superior.

PIRO: The "Painted" Pictured Rocks

This is a water (boat or kayak) accessible EarthCache! By visiting this location, you will be able to view and identify the minerals “painting” the “Rainbow Cave” and Pictured Rocks cliffs. You will also be able to see a sea cave up close and learn about its formation.

Cliff Mine Water Supply

The Cliff Mine was the first copper mine in Michigan that paid dividends to its owners. This demonstrated that money could be made from the syncline caused by some of the oldest rocks in the world. The place I have selected is the spring,where water emanated and was used to wash the stampings.

The question is – is this an adit or a spring?